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Here at Wild Serenade Ranch we offer a fun, safe, well instructed Horseback Riding Lessons. Throughout my years I have taught hundreds of lessons ranging from reining and dressage, to hunter/jumper, and western pleasure/hunt seat. We offer for all ages at any stage in you horseback riding career.

“If you love what you do, you will never work a day in you’re life” This could not be more true. I absolutely love teaching. My students success is self gratifying to me, It makes me feel accomplished sometimes more than the ridder themselves. I am a personable, patient, and enthusiastic teacher who actually teaches true connection for horse and rider.

I teach more than just ridding in my lessons. All students will learn from the ground up; how to properly lead, brush, tack/untack. Along with your common horse knowledge; Body parts, horse color/markings, What to do If’s. I offer hour private lessons for $40. Semi-Private lessons are available in select cases. Call for details.

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Meet The Instructor

Valerie Mehringer has been a successful riding coach for 4 years and has taught hundreds of lessons. Ranging from first time riders to adults who have been riding their whole life, Valerie is eager to add to her students knowledge. "I was born with the horse gene." says Valerie.

"As a young child I longed for a horse. My parents were convinced that I would outgrow my love for horses, but like most young girls, my love continued to grow. I began reading any book I could find and enjoyed studying different breeds that fed my obsession.

After years and years of horses lighting a fire in my heart; It wasn't until 7th grade that my parents finaly buckled down and got me some lessons, and boy was every Sunday better than Christmas!

Because I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth, and because I wanted more time in the saddle; my new riding instructor offered me an exclusive deal. I would clean stalls, feed/water, stack hay, tack/untack.... anything that needed assistance. I would work manual labor to earn my riding lesson. I was so proud that I opened this new door for myself.

Although my instructor had just as much time invested in me as I did in her, this was the first time I could remember having something to be proud of, self-worth, something greater that I wanted to live for.

After I graduated Highschool my responsibilities at the barn grew and grew. I became the owner's "go to girl".. and boy did my light shine! Now I'm at Wild Serenade Ranch ready to make my mark in young Children and adults who share my same passion. I absolutely can not wait to meet you. I have high hopes in being a huge steppingstone to further influence your career/dreams into the horseworld.

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